Neon CCD Lamps

Neon CCD Lamps


Color Red, blue or fluorescent green Neon lamps are available.
Brightness options range from NE2H, NE2, NE2C or UHB depending on the needs of your application.
Size Available in different sizes
Thickness 2 mm
Application Household, Industrial
Weight 50-80 gm
Warranty 1 Year

Nasinul Enterprise  can provide a custom-made solution to your neon CCD and LED requirements at an affordable price. Able to operate directly from 110/220 VAC, shock‐ and vibration‐ resistant CCD lamps provide brightness up to 5.0 mcd, measure 3 to 6 mm in diameter, and are rated for 15,000 to 50,000 hrs of operation. Available with various lead styles and terminations, products may be filled with pure neon gas or neon‐argon gas mixture. They are made by mounting 2 electrodes within one glass envelope and have 2 tin plated Dumet metal electrical leads. Select your lamp colour, diameter, length and brightness. Choose end termination and insulating materials and specify voltage. Or give us your brief and let us do the rest. The most common lamp diameters are 4 or 6mm. Lengths typically range from 10‐16mm. If your application needs a different size, length or brightness, you can benefit from our experience in tailoring the neon lamp assembly to your needs.

Neon CCD lamp assemblies can be completed with different terminals. We can manufacture assemblies which are welded, crimped, soldered with resistors, with sleeves and terminals for direct use on different voltages ‐ 110 volt, 220 volt or 380 volt AC applications. If you need something different, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Sample Assemblies
We can build samples to your specification for your approval. Call us now to discuss your needs.
Your LED application may be relatively simple ‐ for example an LED indicator showing the presence of mains power, or an LED illuminating to indicate that a circuit is energised.

Alternatively you may require arrays of LEDs for lighting projects typically using high‐flux white LEDs.

Perhaps your application demands extreme high‐brightness LEDs to produce an eye‐catching display. Examples include point‐of‐sale lighting used to highlight products on display. Whatever your application, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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